RA ZEN is our permanent, best known line that consists of 4 collections; Basic, Shapey, RAw Futurism and Dystopian.  They are defined by its simple lines and specific material. Black foam rubber makes it soft, flexible and resilient, as well as easy to wear, due to its extremely light weight. 
Because of these features, we are also able to create large pieces of jewelry which are light to wear and fully satisfy your hunger for wearing timeless jewelry. Along with RA Zen collection, we offer the Special edition line which is ever changing.


Our inspiration is a woman in all her forms, appearances and transformations.
Following her experience of the same, whose heart is ruled by eternal rebellion, making her always different and innovative, through an intelligent and elegant combination of models and fabrics. This is presented to us by a woman who is perfectly balanced in society.


Mother and son……

Romina Anžek

Creative Director, Brand Manager

Nino Jukić

Sales Manager, Customer Service

Romina Anžek is a graphic and fashion designer from Zagreb with 20+ years of experience in those fields. In 2015, after about 15 years of designing Jewelry, she  established RAdesign fashion which has become her biggest passion and lifework.


Nino Jukić, in 2019., starts his work on RAdesign website and as a sales manager/customer service

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