As we are proponents of jewelry and clothing that can be worn in many ways, we designed this necklace as well. You can tie it around your neck in as many ways as your creativity is great, and can also be worn as a belt!

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RA ZEN line of jewelry is defined by its simple lines and specific material. Black foam rubber makes it soft, flexible and resilient, as well as easy to wear, due to its extremely light weight.

185 cm / 72.83 inch

Thickness of rubber:
cord – 0,4 cm / 0,16 inch, pedant – 2 cm / 0,79 inch

Foam rubber

Maintenance instructions:
– Gently wipe with a wet sponge and apply cream (vaseline or oil)
– Don’t soak in water
– Don’t stretch too hard
– Love your precious!

Težina 0.1 g
Dimenzije 94 cm


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