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To make it easier for you to order and calculate the wholesale price, we have created a Order form in Excel format for you. The table contains all the products from our offer with their pictures, names, wholesale prices and codes. It is up to you to enter the quantity at the end of the desired products and the program will calculate the final wholesale price of your order for you.

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– If you want us to send you our order form
– If you have any further questions
– If you saw a piece that you can’t find on our sites/catalogue
– If you have an idea for a custom order

Wholesale Shop policies

Please read our shop polices before buying.
By buying our products you agree to our terms of service!

Accepted payment methods
1. Bank Transfer: You are going to receive your order information on bill with our bank details. Money transfer usually a takes up to 2-3 days.
2. Direct payments with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover and other payment methods by debit or credit cards.
3. PayPal

Returns and exchanges
Every single item is designed as a one of a kind so please keep in mind that each one is unique so yours won’t be completely identical to the one seen on the photo!
If the item is damaged during transport please return it within 3 days after receiving it and we will exchange it for another one. The item has to be returned in its original condition.
All additional shipping and exchange costs are handled by the buyer except for the damaged ones which arrive damaged from our side and we did not figure out which will be covered by us.

Cancellation Policy
Any order can be cancelled within 24 hours after being confirmed by the e-mail at no charges. Order that was cancelled after your payment and the production has started is a subject to a 20% of the full amount of the order cancellation fee.

All items will be shipped from Croatia at the time specified in the offer you approved.
Every piece of jewelry is nicely packed in a black bag of organdy and all packed together in packaging that ensures your order is not damaged.
We included the additional means like delivery confirmation and return policy for the same shipping price.
Shipping time is 7-15 days for Europe and approximately 3-4 weeks for U.S. and other overseas countries. Certain countries can take longer, depending on its Customs and Post offices in the receiving country. You can track your shipments using the tracking number/code we are going to send you.

We are not and can not be held responsible for the lost or damaged consignments.
We are not and can not be held responsible for the shipment delays due (but not limited to) bad weather, holidays, customs in some countries and so on.
Please note that delays may also occur due to Customs proceedings.
The customs service has the right to open the package and examine its contents. If you notice that your package was opened, please check for the official customs seal visible on the package.
If you have any special or additional needs considering the shipments, please let us know in advance for any orders you place.

Custom orders
Custom orders are also welcome. We would be happy to discuss your specific ideas and develop the jewelry piece to your specifications. Considering and depending on the complexity of the specific custom project, we will adjust the price accordingly and send you your offer.

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